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Public Meeting on 29-09-2014 to clear the Court Cases 17-09-2014 DPI-SE
Public Holidays regarding 17-09-2014 DPI-SE
Seeking information of employees who are without postings 17-09-2014 DPI-SE
Income of Parents for various Scholarship Schemes 09-09-2014 DPI-SE
Roster register of ETT-To-Master and C&V-To-Master Cadre Promotion 
JBT-ETT Roster || C&V Roster
08-09-2014 DPI-SE
Approval of Fee on Aashirwad Scholarship Portal 08-09-2014 DPI-SE
State Award 2014 related 04-09-2014 DPI-SE
Correction regarding Post-Matric Scholarship to OBC students under Aashirwad Scheme 03-09-2014 DPI-SE
Post-Matric & Pre-Matric Scholarship to OBC students under Aashirwad Scheme 28-08-2014 DPI-SE
Inconsistency in Scholarship Data 28-08-2014 DPI-SE
Counseling of Clerks Selected By Staff Selection Board (For DPI Offices) 28-08-2014 DPI-SE
Celebration the Day 29-08-2014 as Sports Day 27-08-2014 DPI-SE
Public Notice for Extra Coaching of Students of Meritorious Schools (English Ver.)
Public Notice for Extra Coaching of Students of Meritorious Schools (Punjabi Ver.)
27-08-2014 Society
Compassionate Cases regarding 23-08-2014 DPI-SE
Guidelines for Meritorious Schools 21-08-2014 Society
Registration of SC Student for Post Matric Scholarship on Portal 21-08-2014 DPI-SE
Registration of Fee and Courses under Aashirwad Portal 21-08-2014 DPI-SE
Extension of Date for Admission in Class 11th 14-08-2014 Society
Personal hearing regarding objections of SLAs (under 7654 posts) 13-08-2014 DPI-SE
Personal hearing regarding objections of Library Restorer (under 7654 posts) 13-08-2014 DPI-SE
Personal hearing regarding objections of Art Craft Teachers (under 7654 posts) 13-08-2014 DPI-SE
Personal hearing regarding objections of 7654 posts of Master Cadre 12-08-2014 DPI-SE
Seeking cases of 7654 lecturers for regularization 12-08-2014 DPI-SE
Supervision of Meritorious Schools 11-08-2014 Society
Implementation of Citizen Charter Grievances Redressal Mechanism 07-08-2014 DPI-SE
Edusat Training on 07-08-2014 at 11:35 AM regarding various Scholarship Schemes 06-08-2014 DPI-SE
Result Punjab State Talent Search Exam (PSTSE 2013) :: Class 8th || Class 10th 05-08-2014 SISE
Provisional Seniority List of Senior Assistants 04-08-2014 DPI-SE
Handwriting Olympiad Regarding 01-08-2014 DPI-SE
Allotment of Budget under Acctt. Head 2202-02-109 and 2202-02-001 30-07-2014 DPI-SE
SC/BC Post Matric Scholarship regarding 30-07-2014 DPI-SE
Application Form for National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 2014-15 24-07-2014 SISE
Registration of vocational courses under Post Matric Scholarship Portal 24-07-2014 DPI-SE
Free concession to SC Students of Post Matric Scholarship Scheme 24-07-2014 DPI-SE
Application Form for National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS) Scheme 2014-15 23-07-2014 SISE
Promotions from Headmaster/Headmistress to PES Cadre 22-07-2014 DPI-SE
Request for proposals from Interested institutes/parties for Extra Coaching of Students of six Residential Schools of Punjab 15-07-2014 DPI-SE
Seeking Objections for seniority of Lecturer (Economics) as per Court Orders 15-07-2014 DPI-SE
To uplift the level of Athletics in Govt. Schools 11-07-2014 DPI-SE
Seeking Cases of Promotion of Master Cadre  || Seniority List 08-07-2014 DPI-SE
SC-BC Scholarship Schemes 08-07-2014 DPI-SE
Approval of Non-Plan Posts under head-2202 (By DPI-SE) 04-07-2014 DPI-SE
Public Notice regarding extension of Date for Admission in Residential Schools 01-07-2014 DPI-SE
Personal Hearing of Lecturers, to whom the show-cause notices are issued 30-06-2014 DPI-SE
Public Meeting on 3rd July, 2014 to clear the court cases 26-06-2014 DPI-SE
Seeking Cases from teachers for State Award 2014 19-06-2014 DPI-SE
Tender for purchase of computers and other Hardware items 29-05-2014 Society
Tender for Supply of Physics, Chemistry, Biology Material & Equipments 29-05-2014 Society
Correction in Note given for 7654 posts of Lecturers 29-05-2014 DPI-SE
Appointments for 7654 posts of Lecturers
Punjabi | Political Science | Physics | Physical Education
Home Science | History | Geography | English | Economics
Chemistry | Biology  | Maths | Commerce
28-05-2014 DPI-SE
Updation of staff detail on ePunjabSchool Web-portal (  27-05-2014 DPI-SE
Participation of Govt. Employees in the activities of Non-Govt. organizations  19-05-2014 DPI-SE
Approval for Non-Plan Temporary Posts  14-05-2014 DPI-SE
» Performa and interview notice for Malti Gyanpeeth Award 2014 
» Amendment in criteria for Malti Gyanpeeth Award 2014 
» Seeking cases for Malti Gyanpeeth Award 2014
13-05-2014 DPI-SE
Detail of every staff member on portal 
Download Staff Performa
09-05-2014 DPI-SE
Regarding rationalization of schools having Science groups 08-05-2014 DPI-SE
Guidance for students regarding courses after 10th and 12th 07-05-2014 SCERT
Clarification regarding school maintenance funds 05-05-2014 DPI-SE
Court Decision on CWP No. 22813 Of 2013 03-05-2014 DPI-SE
Regarding Financial approval for Non-Plan Posts 01-05-2014 DPI-SE
Letter regarding cases of promotions from Master Cadre to Head Master 
Amritsar || Barnala || Bathinda || Faridkot || Fazilka || Fatehgarh Sahib
Ferozepur || Gurdaspur  || Hoshiarpur || Jalandhar || Kapurthala
Ludhiana || Mansa || Moga || Mohali || Mukatsar Sahib
Pathankot || Patiala || Rupnagar || Sangrur || SBS Nagar || Tarn Taran
01-05-2014 DPI-SE
Implementation of SVEEP Activity for Lok Sabha Election-2014 13-04-2014 DPI-SE
Letter regarding DDO powers at various levels 13-04-2014 DPI-SE
Regarding Salary of Non-Plan Posts || Budget Detail 03-04-2014 DPI-SE
Regarding Quality Monitoring Tools 28-03-2014 SISE
Correction of SC/BC Post Matric Scholarship records on Web-Portal 27-03-2014 DPI-SE
Edusat Telecast on 26-03-2014 regarding Scholarship Schemes 26-03-2014 DPI-SE
Seeking information of working Lecturers as on 01-03-2014
Biology                ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Chemistry          ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Commerce         ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Economics          ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
English                 ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Fine Arts             ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Geography         ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Hindi                    ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
History                 ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Math                     ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Music                   ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Phy. Education ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Physics                ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Pol. Science      ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Punjabi               ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Sanskrit              ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
Sociology           ::  Download Letter  || Download Performa
25-03-2014 DPI-SE
Letter Seeking cases for promotion from master to Headmaster
List of Master to Headmaster promotion cases returned back to DEOs (SE)
Amritsar |Barnala |Bathinda |Faridkot |Fatehgarh Sahib |Fazilka
Ferozepur |Gurdaspur |Hoshiarpur |Jalandhar |Kapurthala |Ludhiana
Mansa |Moga |Mohali |Muktsar |Patiala |Ropar
Sangrur |Tarn Taran
04-02-2014 DPI-SE
Notification regarding two year ETT Course Session 2014-16 28-02-2014 SCERT
Probation Period of Headmasters 28-02-2014 Edu.-2
NTSE 2013 Result :::     Merit List    Complete Result 25-02-2014 SISE
Guidelines for extension in service for National & State Awardees 25-02-2014 Edu.-4
Personal hearing of court cases on 28-02-2014   List of Court Cases 17-02-2014 PSSE
Seeking information of working Head masters/mistresses  | Download Performa 14-02-2014 DPI-SE
Seeking Detail of Students under various Scholarship Scheme during 2012-13 24-01-2014 DPI-SE
Distribution of Cycles under Mai Bhago Scheme 24-01-2014 DPI-SE
Tender for supply of Physics, Chemistry, Biology material for 351 Hr. Sec. Schools under NABARD 20-01-2014 DPI-SE
Draft Service Rules by Dept. of Rural Development and Panchayats 20-01-2014 DPI-EE
Action Report of Punjab State Road Safety Council  | Pb & Haryana High Court Decision 15-01-2014 DPI-SE
Seeking Cases of Promotions of Head Masters/Mistresses  | Performa for Promotion 14-01-2014 DPI-SE
Quality Monitoring Tools Related  | QMT 3rd Quarter | Classroom Observation Performa 14-01-2014 SISE
Regularization of 7654 posts of teachers 11-01-2014 DPI-SE
Documents of General Category Selected Candidates under 7654 posts of Master Cadre 10-01-2014 DPI-SE
List of schools closed during 2012-13 10-01-2014 DPI-EE
Pension cases of retired teachers of Aided Schools 10-01-2014 DPI-SE
Change of date for Personal Hearing of Lecturers (DPI-SE) 06-01-2014 DPI-SE
Documents of 7654 posts of Teachers of General Category  | Download List 03-01-2014 DPI-SE
List of DPE Promotions Reversion Candidates 01-01-2014 SE-2
View Previous years record  ::   2013